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A The digital world is a busy place full of brands battling to be heard over the babble of advertising and multimedia. Digital marketing services have grown out of this to help brands get noticed by ultimately elevating their online presence.

A Additude is an Advertising Ecosystem, offering a comprehensive range of modern digital marketing and advertising services that are required by advertisers, publishers, and audiences. At Additude, we design, develop, and optimize everything to get your website the attention and traffic it deserves and ensure that your product/service rank high on the most visited search engines all around the world with our innovative strategy, outstanding creative, sophisticated marketing and sales.

A A Programmatic advertising Platform (PAP)is a software, bids automatically on advertising inventory in real-time, for the opportunity to buy or sell advertising space or to show an ad to a specific customer.

A A demand-side platform is a piece of software used to purchase advertising in an automated fashion. DSPs are most often used by advertisers and agencies to help them buy display, video, mobile, and search ads.

A It’s complicated. The short version is that DSPs allow advertisers to buy impressions across a range of publisher sites, but targeted to specific users based on information such as their location and their previous browsing behavior. Publishers make their ad impressions available through marketplaces called ad exchanges, and DSPs automatically decide which of those impressions it makes the most sense for an advertiser to buy. Often the price of those impressions is determined by a real-time auction, through a process known as real-time bidding. That means there’s no need for human salespeople to negotiate prices with buyers because impressions are simply auctioned off to the highest bidder. That process takes place in milliseconds, as a user’s computer loads a webpage.

A A combination of web marketing services, like Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Social media advertising, Web design and web development are some of the key digital services at Additude.

A A Digital Service package is a combination of multiple digital services with a fixed service charge.

A Yes, you can always customize a digital service package depending on your requirements and specifications. Please fill out the form below to get a custom-made service package.

A A digital asset package is a subscription for Additude users to generate fixed ROI's, commissions, reward points and discount coupons by means of Ad Slot rentals, Affiliate marketing and Pay per task activities.

A Ad Slot Rental is one of the online revenue-generating stream on Additude platform. Similar to any living space renting, ad slot/space renting is acquiring the display rights of an internet ad space on a website over a period of time.

A You can display your brands on Additude's user dashboard and ad networks by subscribing to any of our campaign packages, to drive better lead generation.

A You can collect reward points by using Additude deals and services, participating in Get paid for tasks like watching a video and answering a survey, referring Additude to others.

A By choosing Additude, you not only choosing a digital marketing agency. You're choosing a digital marketing ecosystem that comes packed with three other main features that help you take your work to the next level.
All those tedious and time-consuming reports? Automated and at your fingertips in seconds with Additude. We aggregate all your ad networks and campaigns with our demand-side platform, giving you complete access to your Search, Social, and Display campaigns in one easy-to-use dashboard. Plus your data is customizable and we provide actionable insights!

A When it comes to support, we’ve got your back and your front. You can rest assured there’s always a resource available to help solve your issues and answer your questions.
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